Gitteraufsatzrahmen 800

Gitteraufsatzrahmen 800
  • On demand
  • Content: 1 piece

Article number: 20SR8KV8, Unit: piece

Product description

  • Mit einer Klappe an der Längsseite
  • Rohrrahmen aus ø 22 mm Rundrohr
  • Drahtmaschung: 100 x 100 x 3,8 mm, mit 4 Fangtellern
  • Nutzhöhe: 800 mm
  • Nutzlast: 800 kg
  • Auflast: 1.600 Kg
  • Oberfläche: galvanisch blau verzinkt

Rumpl GmbH

Rumpl GmbH
Your contact for plastic pallets, containers and operating materials for the food industry. RUMPL offers a wide range of plastic pallets, plastic boxes and large-capacity containers. At the same time, we have a system of equipment for the food industry that has been developed for years. In addition to a wide and constantly growing range of standard items, we see ourselves - based on our experience - as a partner of manifold requirements for plastic containers and plastic pallets.